Pool Table Recovering

Cleveland Pool Table Recovery

Do you need to replace the felt on your table? That is a question you should ask before any service is performed on your pool table. When working on pool table moves or in pool table installation services is the best time to install new felt. This is because the table is already going to be disassembled, which we’ll have to do when we refelt the table, regardless. So taking that into consideration may help you decide whether or not we need to do a pool table recovering. Plus working on the pool table refelting during the service is generally cheaper than a recovery alone, due to the extra work and time we’ll have to put in to ensure guaranteed satisfaction.

The process for recovery Our team of experienced pool table installers starts by dismantling the top portion of the table down to the slates. We’ll have to take off the rails, remove the felt from the playing surface of the table and also remove the felt from the bumper cushions. Then, we will stretch the new felt on the cushions, making sure to have it secured to the rail itself and as tight as possible to not create too much tension on the cushions. After this, we’ll stretch the felt on the playing field of the table. And after we have this done, we’ll pop those rails back on, ensure to have the table still leveled and you’re good to go!

Variety of colors and choice of material

With over 25 colors to choose from, you can mix and match the color scheme of the table and the room it’ll be in. A lot of the times a Basic Green goes good with everything but going that extra mile depending on the table and situation it’ll be in can make a big difference. Make it the centerpiece of your room, make it fit into the furniture of the rest of the home. The possibilities are 100% up to you.

Not only are we able to change the color, but the type of material is changeable as well.

We can provide the Standard Championship material. It is the industry standard all around. It is a very tough and durable material found on most game tables around the world. Offering high versatility for a variety of types of players. From the casual, new to billiards player, to the seasoned pro, it is the industry standard for that reason. On normal gameplay, it can last up to 5 years before it really needs to be replaced.

Championship cloth colors

Tournament Simonis cloth colors

SOLO® Pool table Installers

We also have a Tournament Quality Simonis material, a worsted material mainly used during pool and billiards tournaments and offers the highest quality felt on the market. The difference from the standard is it is a lot faster to play. This is due to the tighter weave in the fabric, which also creates more accuracy for every shot. Not only that, due to the higher weave count it is much more durable than the Standard Championship material. Like the Standard material, it is very durable, but can typically last twice as long as standard material. This is definitely the premium material that any professional will be more than pleased to play or practice on.

Have more questions about what material would work best for you? Give us a call and we make the process a lot easier! 
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